Workshop on Big Data and Data Mining Challenges on IoT and Pervasive Systems

In conjunction with the 6th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT-2015)

June 2-5, 2015, London, United Kingdom.


Data analytics and data mining have become strategic components for today's businesses. Manipulating large volumes of data, integrating information from different sources and formats and extracting useful insights from it has only been possible with the development of new techniques and tools, nowadays known under the Big Data appellation. The upcoming of the Internet of Things (IoT) not only represents an additional volume of data to explore and the need for more efficient and scalable data analysis methods, but also raises additional challenges on data management, distribution, storage and their integration into the enterprises’ information systems. Such information systems have to evolve and become Pervasive Information System thanks to this new ubiquitous environment made available by IoT. Hence, IoT opens new perspectives for the enterprises that will be able to manage and extract information from these pervasive systems.


This workshop aims at gathering researchers interested in the big data and data mining challenges for pervasive systems and IoT environments. We welcome original unpublished research papers (as well as practical experience reports) related to topics of the workshop, which include but are not limited to the following:


  • Data-intensive computing on hybrid infrastructures (e.g., clusters, clouds, grids, P2P)

  • Data streams mining techniques

  • Data streams processing systems and real-time decision support

  • Data analytics on pervasive grids

  • Heterogeneous Source Mining

  • Algorithms for big data analytics and data mining on pervasive environments

  • Mining and recommendation techniques for pervasive environments

  • Sampling for Big Data

  • Big data analytics and mining applications for pervasive systems

  • Big data analytics applied to Smart Cities

  • Data mining techniques for sensor data

  • Programming models, including MapReduce, extensions, and new models applied to pervasive environments

  • Scalability and elasticity in big data environments

  • Fault-tolerance and reliability in big data environments

  • Performance analysis of big data tools and applications in pervasive environments

  • Software-defined networks for big data analytics and data mining

  • Scheduling and resource management in big data environments

  • Challenges in big data storage and processing

  • Big data tools, services, and infrastructures on clouds



Important Dates

  • Paper Submission: January 10, 2015 February 6, 2015 (FINAL)
  • Notification of Acceptance: March 1, 2015
  • Final Manuscript: March 27, 2015




All workshops accepted papers will be published by Elsevier Science in the open-access Procedia Computer Science series on-line. Procedia Computer Sciences is hosted on and on Elsevier content platform ScienceDirect (, and will be freely available worldwide. All papers in Procedia will be indexed by Scopus ( and by Thomson Reuters' Conference Proceeding Citation Index. The papers will contain linked references, XML versions and citable DOI numbers. You will be able to provide a hyperlink to all delegates and direct your conference website visitors to your proceedings. All accepted papers will also be indexed in DBLP (